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Family History

I have written two books on my family's genealogy — the Dastugue-Morano Family of New Orleans and the Taylor-Smith-Staehling-Hilderbrand Family. I'm currently working on converting these books into digital form and will sell them at online bookstores soon. In the meantime, here are some photos of my family members. For genealogy questions, please email me at

Paul F. Dastugue Jr.

Above: The Morano sisters, Regina Morano at top left.

Below: Paul F. Dastugue and Regina Morano, the Morano family having fun.

Above: Paul F. Dastugue in his pharmacy on Magazine Street, New Orleans.

Below: Paul F. Dastugue working at Quality Pharmacy and with his wife, Regina Morano.

Above: Louis A. Staehling Jr.

Right: Louis A. Staehling and Lillian Durward Taylor.

Above and below right: Lillian Durward Taylor

Left: Lillye Blanche Smith Taylor with daughter Lillian Durward Taylor and son Belton Taylor.

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